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potable water: expansion

  • Selection of compensators for potable water, for thermal expansion at medium temperature under 100°C
  • General:
  • In potable water installations many pipelines with varying medium temperatures are being used.
  • Temperature ranges 5 to 25C for cold water and 65 to 80C for hot water.
  • And the installation temperature during winter can go as low as 5°C. This way a temperature
  • difference in the metal of the pipeline in installations can easily go up to 75°C.
  • Because of the temperature differences the pipe will elongate and shrink giving length variations.
  • One of the possibilities to compensate for these changes is to install compensators
  • also called expansion joints.
  • One will find these expansion joints in pipelines in shafts, walkways, corridors and basements.
  • Solution with axial compensators:
  • During the design of the installation as well as during the mounting of pipelines, brackets and sliding and
  • fixed points, forces due to pressure thrust and springrates come into play.
  • Especially when using axial expansion joints considerable forces will act on fixed points and
  • bracketry when the pipeline is put on pressure.
  • Solution with lateral / angular compensators:
  • To reduce the influence of pressure thrust tied lateral or angular compensators can be used,
  • however pipeline configuration is to be examined closely. Consult us for advise!
  • Selection axial compensators:
  • - DN 20 - DN 50 with threaded ends
    : Kledil® rubber quality EPCKledil EPC
  • - DN 32 - DN 450 with flanges
    : Dilatoflex® series T rubber quality EPCDilatoflex T EPC
  • - DN 500 - DN 3000 with flanges
    : Dilatoflex® series N rubber quality EPCDilatoflex N EPC

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